500 Error New Modules only

We have added a few new modules to InvoicePlane (one specifically for employees and a few other things) and are currently trying to host the website (on MediaTemple). We have been able to host it and can view the dashboard and everything that comes standard with InvoicePlane, but we get a 500 error if we try to access any of the modules that we created. We have been using MAMP on our laptops and can see our custom modules and everything just fine on our local machines, but it’s only when we try to host them on Media Temple that we encounter a 500 error for our custom ones, but can access everything else. Does anyone have any ideas for what could cause this type of problem?

Please notice that support for custom modules is very limited. Also please publish your code somewhere (for example Github) so we can have a look at it. Without any code we can’t help you in any way.

Any 500 range error is an indication of server config error. You should therefore look at the apache server logs to see any reported messages.

In addition, turn on error handling in your index.php file temporarily and see if PHP reports any errors.

Hello everyone,

I am literally facing the same problem, will you help me?

I am using aheadworks blog extension for magento community edition version the module is installed correctly and the blog is showing at frontend. however when I click on blog’s link. it shows HTTP 500 error. Does anyone have any idea, what is the reason behind this error?

Did you read my suggestion above and follow through?

A 500 error merely says there is a server configuration error. To get the details, you should go to the web server logs and see what it says.

Do you know that you are in the forum for InvoicePlane and not any Magento module? :-1: