Setting SMTP with Office 365

Hello there,

I wonder if anyone managed to send emails through Office 365 account? I am selecting SMTP and using as my SMTP server. All I see is SMTP connect() error. How can I further diagnose this error?

And I am not sure is my password is saved or not. Every time I try to tweak the settings the password field is empty:frowning:

Enabled debug mode but did not see any errors on email sending:confused:

I have IP working with O365 - Its just like any other SMTP server.

Ensure you are using the correct settings as below:

SMTP Server Address:

Requires Authentication: Yes

SMTP Username: user@yourdomain.tld

SMTP Password: Users Password

SMTP Port: 587

Security: TLS

Verify SMTP certificates: Yes

I will mention that the common mistake people make with o365 is the wrong port number or wrong username - The username must be that of a user that is a full user (it can not be a shared mailbox or alias).

Also note when choosing the ‘From’ email address (on the email templates settings page) you must ensure this is a real email address for which that user has full access (otherwise you’ll get an error), you can however use a shared mailbox or alias here.

Hope that points you to where your configuration error is…


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Hey, thanks for the clean explanation!
I have tried these settings but get the same error even though I paid attention to the From email field :confused:

I am using the exact username and password I use in my Outlook.
Is it normal to see password field empty when I load the Email settings view?

Hi guys,

The settings were correct however my server was not allowing me to connect an external SMTP server.
I contacted my server provider for this issue and they sorted it out.

If anyone fails on sending emails through external SMTP, first check with your provider:)