Dynamic email template subject

Hi there,

Sending invoices with email is a great option! I loved it:slight_smile: However I want to tweak it a bit.
So in the email body, I tried to add invoice_item_name but did not work.
Also, I am wondering if I can make subject dynamic?
Something like β€œ{{{Client Name}}} - You Invoice for {{{ServiceName??}}} is ready for - August 17”

I found a forum post talking about subject additions but not sure if they were implemented.

I would really love any hint:)

Subject lines already can be customized, however you have to use the correct tags, like {{{client_surname}}}.

Items are not available in templates.

Thanks, Kovah!

I will figure out a way to automatically add a service name in the Subject line then. Not the items:slight_smile:
So far I am loving the app^^