Is Invoiceplane still active?

Hi ,

I just found out about invoiceplane a few days ago.
I really like the software.

I read a post about invoiceninja and was wondering if Invoiceplane is still actively maintained?

Also Where can i post or vote for some feature requests? like client groups etc?



yes the project is still actively maintained, however the definition of actively may vary from person to person.
My problem is that I have a lot of things to do with my studies and work and also want to have a little bit of free time. That’s why I coudn’t work on InvoicePlane for the past months. However, a new release with several bugfixes and smaller features will be released in the next days.

So in comparison to other projects that have several maintainers or make a living out of their projects like InvoiceNinja, I sadly lack the time needed to push the project forward and add more features.

Feature requests can be voted on in the #feature-requests category. Please search for a feature before adding a new one to prevent duplicates.

Hope this answers your questions.

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Hi Kovah,

Thanks for the answers.
I hope the program will stay alive. You think it will?
It is the first invoice software out of many i tried that is finally easy and not bloated.

I will post my requests there.

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This is THE best software by THE best @Kovah \o/

IP, tremendous development, so it is the best, we hope new options and also enlist the guys to contribute. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1: