Error - Send email (template): "...application stuck because of an error"


I tried to send an email after I chose an email template. The tags were placed in the fields but when I press the “Send email” button, a tooltip appears in the “From email” field.

After a few seconds, there is an error message “… application stuck …”

This error message can be closed but if I press the “Cancel” button I get the same message.

If I manually enter an email address, the e-mail is sent, or if I delete the {{{user_email}}} tag, I can close the email function.

I’m not entirely sure if the placeholders are parsed in the from fields. Doesn’t make sense in my opinion if you put in the customer email, should be your own email address. Any specific reason for that?

The {{{user_email}}} tag is not parsed in the “From Email” field.
Sorry Kovah, we do not use the customers email but we do want to put our own user email address as a tag in this field because we use IP with several different User accounts. If I log in, I want to use the same default email template as my colleague. Currently, everyone must manually change his own email address in the ‘From Email’ field.
By using the {{{user_email}} tag in the ‘From Email’ field, I assumed we could resolve this.
If I use the {{{user_name}}} tag (or any other ‘tag’) in the “From Name” field then it works.