Copied Invoice Wrong Date

Hi everyone … i have found some errors on the sistem
1- every time i copy an invoice, the pop up ask for the new date … but never takes this new date, there is anyway to fix this ??
2- disable autocomplete when create new customers
3-when add products to invoice and have a lot products and select an specific family the scroll does not work.

thanks in advance

I do not understand what you want to say with that. maybe you could explain it?

I am having same issue. When copying an old invoice, the pop-up asks for the new date and i select the new date. But when i actually proceed to the next invoice creation form, it picks the old invoice date. is there anyways i can fix this?

majority of my invoices are repeat and i use the “copy invoice” feature a lot. thanks

Note: I will reply here because I think this was the first topic reporting the problem about IP1 ignoring the new date when using the copy-invoice feature,

This bug has been fixed and now the new copied invoice gets the date entered in the modal window (aka popup). If you don’t want to wait for the next release v1.5.10 to enjoy the fix, apply the changes below to fix it in your running version.

Note: always make a backup copy of any file before editing it.

The cause of this bug is that the datepicker input field in the modal window (with the new date) has the same ID “invoice_date_created” than the datepicker input field in the main window (with the old date), and since the later happens first, it is the one picked by the JavaScript code processing the form values and creating the copy-invoice.

To fix the bug you need to edit the content of file “IP1/application/modules/invoices/views/modal_copy_invoice.php” and change three lines to rename the datepicker input field in the modal window and to tell the JavaScript code to use the date entered in the modal window.

Line 16:

  • from: invoice_date_created: $('#invoice_date_created').val(),
  • to: invoice_date_created: $('#invoice_date_created_modal').val(),

Line 66:

  • from: <label for="invoice_date_created"><?php _trans('invoice_date'); ?>: </label>
  • to: <label for="invoice_date_created_modal"><?php _trans('invoice_date'); ?>: </label>

Line 69:

  • from: <input name="invoice_date_created" id="invoice_date_created" class="form-control datepicker"
  • to: <input name="invoice_date_created_modal" id="invoice_date_created_modal" class="form-control datepicker"

If someone applies these changes, please report back whether these changes have fixed the problem in your case.

Now I will check whether the same problem happens with other input fields in all modal windows.