InvoicePlane-1.5.3.tar.gz "../assets/invoiceplane/css" is empty

I am trying to update docker image version 1.5.3 (based on sameersbn/docker-invoiceplane).
The script is downloading the invoice plane from

This archive is missing files in theme css folders, for example “…/assets/invoiceplane/css” is empty. The archive size is 1.57Mb vs. 13.5Mb from

Also, “vendor” folder is missing in “…tar.gz”.

What is the proper location to download the project files for Docker builds?
Please advise on missing files.

Files are not missing. You need to build your app with composer install for the /vendor/, and npm install for the /assets/.

If you are no developer you should always download the package from the invoiceplane website.

Thank you for clarification.

I managed to update to 1.5.3 Docker image for “”.
At first I did not realize that this Docker (has 10k+ pulls) installs development project sources.

I needed simple and fast solution to deploy project to VPS and Docker option looks most convenient.