Language dropdown menu - not translated


I noticed that the content of the “Language” dropdown menu (General setting, Client setting) is only available in English.
Is it possible to make that available in the chosen language of IP, just like this has been done for the “Country” dropdown menu?


In case @Contributors have time:

  • The items in the “language” dropdown are the result of parsing directory /application/language/.

  • While the items in the “country” dropdown are the result of a config file in /application/helpers/country-list/YOUR_LANGUAGE/country.php

We can keep the logic of scanning the directory and pass it through an array like this before rendering the select box:

$prettyLanguages = array(
	'French' => 'Français',
	'Turkish' => 'Türkçe',
	'...' => '...'
$echoedLanguage = strtr($echoedLanguage, $prettyLanguages);

Thank you for finding out and passing this on to @Contributors .
I hope this will be added to the IP core in a next version.