Blank white space on top of page in browser since update to 1.2.1

Hi there,

Since I updated InvoicePlane to 1.2.1 today, I now see a rather large blank white space above the menu bars. I think this is a UI bug. It only happens in Safari, as I tried in Firefox and it loads it just fine.

As I see it now via Safari 8.0.5 (with captions added for clarification):

As I see it fine in Firefox 32.0.3:

Please let me know if this is a bug and where I can fix it for the meantime if possible.

Actually I spoke too soon, sorry. I realized I never cleared my Safari browser cache and so I did that after this post and then it seems to have fixed the issue. Sorry for the unnecessary post. This was a true face-palm moment. I have tried to close this ticket but doesn’t look like I can close my own ticket. @Kovah, please feel free to mark this as closed.

No Problem, wondered myself after the update but then realized that i changed the navbar… ^^

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