Errorr Recurring invoice tax calculation

Sorry … English translated with Google.
Hi, I need some help.
I have a calculation problem in generating recurring invoices.
The system correctly generates invoices with all correct data, but does not end the calculation of negative fees and does not subtract them from the total.
The invoice returns to be corrected only after it has been saved.
Attached two pictures to better explain the problem.
Is it possible to have a solution?
Thanks in advance.

Can anyone help me? @Kovah Help :slight_smile:
Thank you

Yeah, sounds like a bug in the tax calculation. Maybe it’s missing for recurring invoices, I don’t kniow and have no time to look into it at the moment. Sorry

Thank you for the reply. Be aware of bugs for upcoming updates. It is a bug that does not allow you to automatically dispatch the recurring invoice. It will send an incorrect invoice.
Thanks for all the work you do.

Thanks, it seems to work. With “copy” works. Look forward to the generation of the next recurring invoice.
Thanks again for the help. Sorry my english (google)