New User Type in InvoicePlane

So, I created a new user_type called Designer for the users of my company’s version of InvoicePlane. This user type was created so that the user would have access to most of the features in InvoicePlane, but could not access “Settings” or create Employees, a feature added with our version of InvoicePlane.
These additions work, but when I create a user account with the user type of Designer, I am not allowed to log in with this account. When I put in the correct email and password, it just redirects me in an endless loop to the login page.
If anyone thinks they know what’s going on here, I would really appreciate some help.
Thank you!

You may upload some code to Github and post a link here. I doubt someone would be able to help without any piece of your code.

Thank you for responding, but I managed to figure out how to fix it.
Thanks anyway!

Estaude17…I am looking for a similar customization. How did you go about creating the new user? Were there many steps involved?

Thank you.

it would be nice to share the code so we can enjoy it too

I have managed to do another user type and the admin role can choose what that person can see or use, if anyone wants some pointers…

Hi Can you send me what you did please?

Hi, yes i can try and send you some files or maybe add them here. There is just one other thing you need to do on the database too which i can help you do

Okay, firstly you need to change the session.php of the users, i put 1 = staff , 2 = guest, 3 = admin.
then add in mdl_sessions what they are allowed to view, i.e allow customers, allow invoices etc
then on head/nav bar.php put in if session = blah then show or else don’t show.

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Thanks you so much… sorry I missed your reply before… anyway to send me the codes or pages?

I have a revised version, built on 1.6.1 beta. I added user type Staff, with limited roles and permissions. I could upload the source code to GitHub and drop the link here if interested.

Well, that would be great.
Did you fork InvoicePlane or just made a separate repository?
We could make a pull-request out of it in that case.

I have a revised version

What else did you revise?