PDF Template for Spanish Market



I follow this project long time ago.

I made a PDF template for the spanish Markets that I love to share with you

As I can’t upload new files to the forum due to new-user restrictions, I uploaded it to my Google Drive account.

You’ll find it here:


Any improvement would be welcome.


Thank you very much from Spain!

What are the differences with default template I’m using in Spain?




Aparece el tipo de impuesto (IVA) y % aplicado, en aplicación de la normativa española de facturación.


ah! ok thank you!!!

I’m using ip in a scope I don’t need IVA (medical use), but thank you anyway!

Gracias! lo uso para facturar en ámbito médico donde no hay IVA y si IRPF.



En ese caso debes indicar en notas al pie que la operación está exenta en aplicación del artículo x de la ley del LIVA.

In that case you must indicate in footnotes that the selling is exempt in application of x article of the LIVA.