Flesh out tasks and projects a bit more


I couldn’t really get warm with Invoice Ninja, but it has some nice features regarding projects/tasks. For example, it’d be nice if you could actually have start and end dates for tasks. This could enable a time tracking feature so you can just press start/stop and automatically have IP calculate the price.

The amount of hours spent for working on the task could just be used as amount; the price for a task could instead be the price for a project. In my experience, you agree to a certain price per hour for every project, but not for every task you complete.

So in my ideal feature set, there would be a button inside a task which starts tracking. Then you work on the task, click “stop” and the task automatically gets added to the selected project. You can then either invoice all tasks within a project which weren’t invoiced already (maybe add additional “invoiced” status to tasks?) or select tasks which should be invoiced out of a list, just like with regular products.

After selecting what you want to add to the invoice, there could be a question if you want to have separate items for each task or a consolidated list. In both cases, the item name is the project. If you select to separate the tasks, every task gets its own item, if you choose to consolidate, all tasks for a project get added together and the description of the item is a list of tasks with bullet points.

Is that possible and do you think this is reasonable?

Last Update: 24.07.2017