WorldPay Intergration

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone used Worldpay to intergrate InvoicePlane. Just need some help.



I am looking into this hopefully today.

If I manage to sort it I shall let you know. I had a quick look the other day but couldn’t find all the required information on worldpay that IP actually needs.

Uhm… I don’t know what you guys are actually doing, but WorldPay is already available as of version 1.5…?

@Kovah Yeah I am aware it exists, it’s not an IP issue. But I am struggling to find all the required information that IP requires and can not get the WorldPay integration to work.

As stated in the IP documentation you must fill out all the configuration fields but I can not find this information on our WorldPay account.

I am currently talking with WorldPay support to try and obtain all the information IP requires.

That’s great nmay,

Once you get a response any chance you could pass it onto me :slight_smile:

@Kovah - Sorry for the confusion, just me poorly wording it in the first place

Well I can’t help you with that. The fields are passed in by the naming that is available form the API. You may contact WorldPay to get to know what credentials need to be filled. Once you got a proper response you may paste them here and we will have a look.

This is what support have said; however, how do I know the Cart ID?

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems the reason for the error message is you are not submitting in the HTML form the cartId

Any suggestions?

That is not helpful at all and seems to miss the point.
The docs do not have any information about a cart ID…

Dear Dale,

Thank you for your email.

Please forward this guide to your web developer.

Should you have any further queries regarding this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yeah okay, another special case. That’s so stupid. However, added a ticket to solve this issue:

Yeah not sure why Worldpay like to be different from all the rest :slight_smile:

I appriciate your help Kovah.