IP v1.5.3 PDF Logo placement and size

Invoice Plane 1.5.3
Raspberry pi (Test machine, before migrating changes to main server)
OS Rasbian (lite)
Apache2,MySql,php 5.6.30

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Hi i have just upgrade from 1.4.8 to 1.5.3- All went well.

I then update my logo(pdf) This too worked.
I then tried to scale the logo smaller by editing



#invoice-logo {
max-width: 15em !important;
max-height: 15em !important;
margin-right: 17em;

Nearly all formatting broke on the pdf. I then remove the lines from the files. And refreshed, but the pdf remained ‘broken’

I restarted Apache, deleted the pdf invoice from

Logged back in and tried to download the pdf again, with the same ‘broken’ result

I then reinstalled (coping from v1.5.3.zip) over the existing files and repeated the aforementioned
clean up, but with the same result?

What did I miss, and what is the correct way to place and size the logo on a pdf/webview.


Could you please upload a picture of what the “broken” PDF looks like?