Menu items not clickable after transfer


I transfered my website and invoiceplane to a new server. Everything seems to be working, i can login, i can see al the invoices etc. Only the menu items are not clickable. If i click on a menu item/new invoice/settings the system send me to the following url /index.php/dashboard#

I only transfered all files and database to a new server, i didn’t change the domain. What am i doing wrong?

First: which version do you use?
And do you have cleared all browser caches?

Hi Kovah,

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, i deleted the cache, the version i use is Version 1.4.6
I also installed the newest version on the server to test if that is working and that one worked.

Anyone who could help me furter with this? It’s very strange, some items work, some won’t.
For example, adding a client or adding a payment works fine. But adding a quote or an invoice does nothing? From the top menu items only the Dashboard, Account Name and Logout buttons are working.

Please follow the guide for errors in the application which can be found in the FAQ.