Multiple Currencies Support Enabled

Hi Kovah,

First of all, thanks a lot for this awesome tool.

We have enabled support for multiple currencies for our own use and would like to contribute.

Implemented flow:

  • While creating invoice, an invoice creator can select currency for this invoice
  • If no currency is selected, default currency is automatically populated
  • In reports/dashboard/individual client level, numbers are shown after grouping by currencies

Please let us know if this is something that you think aligns with the overall vision of InvoicePlane.

Have a great weekend!


Awesome! Really appreciate your work!

Could you please open a new pull request in our repository for the 1.6.0 branch.

I will then review the implementation.

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I’m very new to InvoicePlane and thank you very much for this tool. I really appreciate it.

My question is:
Is the implementation to support multiple currencies available for test?
I’ll start to use it next month and most of my invoices are in EUR and CHF.

Another great function would be the possibility to enable or disable the products.

Thank you again and have a nice day.

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@TudipTechnologies Any news about that?

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It is precisely what I need and I was playing with the lines of code, I managed to make it appear but the format is wrong, it does not allow me to print the correct configuration of “currency_code” in (WEB and PDF) since the requirement is that in a quotation it leaves USD, EUR, RUB etc with a symbol and its currency with a convertible amount, so the client can pay in any currency with an exchange rate.

The criterion is that both the web and printed PDF appear in terms of the USD

$ 288.19 USD
¥ 1,830.10 CNY
₽ 16,441.24 RUB
€ 236.32 EUR

My question is :
When the romanian currency will be added?

Wow! Thank you for your contribution!
I managed to install the package from and get it running so far so good.
Later I realized, that though invoices can be created in different currencies, quotes cannot.
Therefore I have a few questions before I proceed:

  • Did I install and do everything right?
    I’ve seen in the comparsion-mode only changes on the invoice and view files.

  • Is it possible by … more or less ‘copy&paste’ … to port the made changes from the invoice files into the quote files?
    I could imagine, that extra work on the database and perhaps further files would be necessary in order to f. E. port a quote in to an invoice.

  • Does it make sense at all to work into this branch/version?
    Or is the 2.0.0 final so close that waiting makes more sense - I’d of course contribute my changes/additions too - somehow, but nobody really wants ‘old’ versions I guess…

Again, thank you for sharing your work and for answering perhaps the one or other question. :smiley:

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