Invoice PDF shows user rather than Company as originator

When I set up Invoice Plane I added two users to allow access by the two people that would be generating invoices and I though I would leave the initial admin user to login only for pure admin tasks.
However, when I created the first invoice and opened the PDF to review before sending, it shows our business logo, but the user details instead of the business details.
I tried logging in as the initial user that I set up (which would be the business name, main email etc.) and downloaded the Invoice PDF that way, but it still shows the individual user at the top left of the PDF under the logo instead of the actual Business name.
Any idea how to change this?

Edit your user account and add your company name to the account. there is a field for that.
After that you can customize the template and remove the user name and place the company name instead.

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Hi again, Kovah.
Apologies for the delayed response - I thought I had already done so until I logged into the forum and say a notification.
Thank you for your help on this.