Duplicate Product

Hi, I would suggest adding the ability to duplicate an existing product.
When creating my initial products (actually, they are service items) I had to keep creating the items from scratch even though several of them were very similar.
It would have been very helpful to have had the ability to duplicate an existing product which could then be tweaked in “Edit” to complete the creation of a unique product.
I may have missed a previous request for this, but I didn’t notice any.

Last Update: 16.06.2017

Hi @DevBot
I’m brand new to Invoice Plane and just signed up to the Forum in the last half hour, so I’m slightly confused by the reply. Does that mean the feature is planned, but just not added yet or was I supposed to add a link of some sort?
I have to say, I am incredibly impressed with what the developers have created here. Invoice Plane seems like an amazing piece of coding and is really nice visually too.
Well done!

Hi. No, the Bot just adds an automated reply to your topic. I added the request to our issue tracker.

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Silly me! :slight_smile: Thanks for explaining that.
I’m having a couple of different set up issues that I’m not quite following (even after reading a wiki link and forum topic and I’m reluctant to open a bunch of new topics straight after joining. What’s my best option?

Open a new thread for issues that are completely different from each other, os no invoice problems together with user password problems.
But put similar problems into one support thread.

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Thank you, will do.