No account created during setup

Hello there. I installed the InvoicePlane software on the system, but I was not asked for information during the insduring the installation to calculate it. I need to open an account in order to access the system. I’m happy to answer quickly. Have a nice day.

First of all, why asking the same question 2 times? Account Opening Issue

And second, I seriously tried to decrypt your question multiple times and I don’t understand what you mean.

You don’t see the setup, so that’s why you can’t get into IP?
Could you provide us more information, which version are you installing, did you see error (in the logs)?

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I have version 1.5.2 installed. I installed the InvoicePlane system, but I could not open my own admin account. That’s the whole problem.

You may execute the following SQL command for your InvoicePlane database to create a new user account:

INSERT INTO `ip_users` (`user_type`, `user_active`, `user_date_created`, `user_date_modified`, `user_language`, `user_name`, `user_company`, `user_address_1`, `user_address_2`, `user_city`, `user_state`, `user_zip`, `user_country`, `user_phone`, `user_fax`, `user_mobile`, `user_email`, `user_password`, `user_web`, `user_vat_id`, `user_tax_code`, `user_psalt`, `user_passwordreset_token`, `user_subscribernumber`, `user_iban`, `user_gln`, `user_rcc`)
VALUES (1, 1, '2017-04-23 17:29:31', '2017-04-23 17:29:31', 'system', 'InvoicePlane Demo', NULL, 'Test Street', '', '', '', '', 'US', '', '', '', '', '$2a$10$586b8f3f5a93f2b62623de1.JtIdo3wT/cNZuYx/KhkglXlegxAXK', '', NULL, NULL, '586b8f3f5a93f2b62623de', '', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);

This will create an account with the following credentials:
Password: demopassword

Please change all user information and the password after the first login.

Which file should I write these in

If you are not sure on how to do this contact your system administrator or your hosting provider.

Thank you so much

Hi folks,

I just installed InvoicePlane v1.5.11 today and hit the same problem as OP. After following the install instructions (edit ipconfig.php, run the web installer) there were no users created:

mysql> use invoiceplane;
Database changed
mysql> select * from ip_users;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

I was able to create a new user account by inserting a user directly into the ip_users table in the DB, but this isn’t user friendly!

Did I miss a step during installation?

Probably yes, but since you two have been the only one encountering that I could just guess. Did you ensure your setup/environment is meeting all requirements?

I’m using php 7.4.4 and mysql 5.7.29 with apache 2.4.43.

Is there a default user that should have been created, or is that set up as part of the setup process? I haven’t actually started using this yet, so I will re-install from scratch and see if I get the same problem. I’ll take some screenshots too along the way.

Looks like I’ll just have to put it down to some sort of user error. I just went through these steps:

cp ipconfig.php.example ipconfig.php
vi ipconfig.php

go to

  • choose language
  • all prerequisites ok
  • database details “The database is successfully configured.”
  • install tables “The database tables were successfully installed.”
  • upgrade tables “The database tables were successfully upgraded.”
  • create user account - this didn’t happen first time!
  • installation complete

go to and log in with new user accout successfully.

Sorry for the noise!

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