Recurring Invoices: cron create duplicated invoice, MySQL Error attached

since ich changed from 1.4.10 to 1.5.x releases, recurring invoices creates duplicated invoices.
My Cron job is running every day and call the cron URL.
After the cron job was executed, the last recurring task is “executed” and from it a bill will be issued.
When I call the URL, it throw a MySQL Error and create that dup. invoice.

This is the MySQL error:

Error Number: 1062

Duplicate entry '211-0' for key 'invoice_id'

INSERT INTO `ip_invoice_custom` (`invoice_id`, `invoice_custom_fieldid`, `invoice_custom_fieldvalue`) VALUES (211, 'invoice_custom_fieldid', '2')

Filename: core/MY_Model.php
Line Number: 211

Any suggestions?

Duplicate, see IP 1.5.2 - recurring invoices crash

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