Online Payment - Partial Payments / Deposit

It would be nice to have the option for the client to enter the amount they want to pay when paying online, so basically they can make a partial payment or pay a deposit toward to full invoice total.

For example, if we invoiced for £200, but they need to pay a deposit of £50 before the invoiced can work can begin. Then they can pay online the remaining £150 once the work has been completed.

Another example of this is if the client is paying their invoice off weekly. Lets say the client pays £10 a week. It would be nice for them to be able to logon to the online payment portal every week and specify they want to pay £10 and they do this weekly until the invoice it paid in full.

Any thoughts? Maybe it already exists but I can not see it.


Last Update: 24.07.2017

@Kovah how easy would this be to implement? I’ve noticed a few people that have mentioned something similar. Thanks