Sending Invoice with BCC only (no TO field)

In earlier versions I often used no mail recipient but my address as BCC. Some customers don’t want invoices by e-mail and prefer “real” mail. Don’t ask me why, but I know some of them…
With 1.5.2 I get the gear symbol and It doesn’t work anymore. But as long as there is any recipient (to OR bcc), this should in my opinion work, shouldn’t it ?

Just place your email in the ‘To’ field?

yeah, I know, but just out of convenience - in earlier versions this wasn’t an issue. Now it’s just a step more to do which was not necessarily before (cut the address from “bcc” and paste into “to”).
Somehow the same like if you write a mail in thunderbird - you can send it even you just filled “bcc” and nothing else.
But if you don’t want to change, I can live with that…

Hi Peter, I was the one who asked for the popup when no to-address was set. Because when, by accident, you forget to set an e-mail address for a certain customer, you might think that the invoice has been sent while it is not. I think that all software sending e-mails without a To-address set should at least give a warning.