Install problems: "A PHP Error was encountered" (1.2.0)


I’m trying to install the script but i experience an error when trying to reach the setup folder (or any folder). Take a look at:

The page loads with a lot of PHP errors. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong.

Your webserver is not configured correctly. Please set a timezone and try again.

How can this be done?

It depends what type of web server do you use but here’s a general tutorial:

I’ve tried to do so via php.ini file in the subfolder and the .htaccess, but both with no result.

Did you restarted the apache webserver?

I can’t, that is something my hosting company does.

Will this problem be solved in a future version of Invoice Plane?

It’s a problem with the configuration of the host.

You can change the ENVIRONMENT in index.php to ‘production’ so the error will no longer be shown and UTC will be selected as your timezone.

It should look like this afterwards:

define('ENVIRONMENT', 'production');

This disables error reporting so no errors will be shown! Keep that in mind for the case you come across any white pages.

You may also bypass this error by editing the index.php file and add a line at the beginning:


You may replace America/Los Angeles with a timezone that fits your region (

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Thank you very much for the support!