Recurring Invoice was generated 81 times

I have created a monthly invoice last month - and now it was generated 81 times.
(Hopefully not sent 81 times to the customer…)

Now i have the following questions:

  • Does anybody have a similar issue?
  • Is there a feature to batch delete these invoices? Or do i have to delete them one by one? :frowning:
  • Which information can i provide to clarify this issue?

BR Andreas

(IP 1.5.2)

Could you please post mor information about your exact configuration of the recurring invoice?

And no, sorry. No batch delete available.

I was looking after the exact configuration - and then i maybe found what caused the issue.

The “next date” the invoice should be generated was in the past. Unfortunately i have deleted the recurring invoice in the meantime, because there was already a new one generated.