Tax athorities Netherlands

Hi guys,

I am new to InvoicePlane and I really like the software. I have just one question because I would like to keeping using it, but I was wondering if somebody knows if InvoivePlane is acknowledged by the tax athorities of the Netherlands? It’s just a simple question but if i want to find out via the tax athorities they ask hundreds of euro’s just for the research, and to make things worse, if the software is not acknowledged, they make you pay again so that it can be acknowledged! I hope someone can answer my question. Thanks in advance!

Hi lopesj, as far as I know, it isn’t acknowledged by the tax authorities.

But I didn’t know the tax needs to acknowledge the software you use? Can you provide me a link.

They only care about the end results you fill in on their quarterly/yearly allowance forms, how you do it, that’s your problem. Well, that’s what I thought. I’m using IP for already 4 years and I have an account to fill in the allowance forms