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Last Update: 2017-11-25

I am writing this to provide more information about how to contribute to the InvoicePlane project. This post is very important as I only have very limited time to work on the software recently and most of my time for InvoicePlane is spent on administrative tasks and some user support.

This overview will show you, the community, what needs to be done and some of my usual tasks. I would really appreciate if you could take some minutes of your freetime to solve some problems or just help other users.


  • Legend for Icons
  • Programming Help
    • General information
    • Overview of open Issues and planned Features
  • Testing Help
  • Non-Programming Help
    • User Support
    • Wiki Improvements
    • Translate the Software
    • Donate for the Project
    • Spread the Word

Legend for Icons

Issue types

:ip_bug: Issue is a bug that causes erroneous behaviour
:ip_improvement: Issue is an improvement of an existing feature
:ip_new_feature: Issue is a completely new feature.

Issue Status

:ip_blocker: Indicates a critical issue that affects all users and need to be resolved as fast as possible.
:ip_critical: Indicates a critical issue that affects some users and need to be resolved fast.
:ip_major: Indicates a major issue that should be addressed in the near future.
:ip_minor: Indicates a minor issue that is not important and does not need to be fixed fast.

Programming Help

General information

The current development of InvoicePlane 2 is paused as there are too many open questions and general tasks to do that I just can’t keep up with. It does not make sense to work on version 2 alone. Therefore I invest many time in InvoicePlane 1.
If you want to help with your programming skills please take a look at the contribution guide first. It’s not very long and will give you an overview on how to work with InvoicePlane.

:speech_balloon: Slack Chat
Remember that we have a Slack chat you may join if you need further help. I’m usually online on Slack during work from Mo-Fr 10am - 6pm CET.

:information_source: Issue Assignee
Please assign an issue to yourself if you start working on it to prevent duplicate work.
The Assignee field can be found in the top right of the issue details. If you are logged in there is a “Assign to me” link.

Overview of open Issues and planned Features


Road Map | Git Branch
Version 1.6 is a feature version, which means it contains mostly new features. Some need improvements, some need to be implemented completely.

:ip_new_feature: IP-1
Expenses Module: A developer already started to implement an expenses module (pull request 371) but then abandoned his work without finalizing it. Maybe another developer could take his work and do the final steps.

:ip_new_feature: IP-512
Implement template files for emails in the same way like they are used by PDFs. Rather big feature, I suggest contacting me for more information.

:ip_new_feature: IP-362
Let users specify an own email address for the “send all emails as bcc to administrator email address”. Pretty small feature.

:ip_improvement: IP-360
A feature for PDF templates needs to be improved, mostly work for the settings.


Road Map | Git Branch

:ip_bug: :ip_critical: IP-596
The password reset function does not use the mail method and credentials specified in the system settings.

:ip_bug: :ip_critical: critical: IP-510
The Import feature needs to be updated to work with the latest database changes for version 1.5.0.

:ip_bug: :ip_critical: IP-530
This is a quite heavy but rather conceptual issue. Currently, all online payment providers show a credit card form no matter if they support credit cards or not. However, the form can’t be removed as some providers like Stripe need to get pre-entered credit card details from InvoicePlane. Task is to find a solution to show the form only for providers that really need the form.

:ip_bug: :ip_critical: IP-612
Online Payments: Mollie is not working correctly. A small issue that may be fixed in a couple of minutes.

Non-scheduled bugs

The following bugs are not scheduled for a specific release yet because the cause is unknown and/or it only occurs for some but not all users. Bugs usually get scheduled for the next release if they break something in a heavy way and occur for all users.

All non-scheduled bugs can be viewed here.

Testing Help

There are some features or bug fixes that need to be tested. To test a feature, download the test package, check whenever the feature is working and give a small feedback via Slack, as a comment in the forum or via mail.
Please do not test with your business system.

IP-638 - Product filtering

Check if the filtering of products is working correctly in the product overview.

:package: Download the test package
:information_source: Pull Request

IP-690 - Markdown Custom Fields

Custom fields support Markdown as a new type. Please check if the Markdown custom fields are properly working correctly.

:package: Download the test package
:information_source: Pull Request

IP-109 - Select of PDF template

Check if you can select the PDF template while downloading an quote or invoice. Preview image

:package: Download the test package
:information_source: Pull Request

Non-Programming Help

User Support

One of my biggest tasks is user support in this forum. It takes a lot of time and most issues don’t even get resolved properly. If you have some time to spare I would really appreciate any help in this forum. Read new or older issues and try to help the users. Sometimes it’s more like pointing the user into the correct direction or help with configuration.

However, adding solid bug reports to the issue tracker would help to monitor the issues.
If you need assistance with an issue, you may “call me” by adding @kovah to your response.

Wiki Improvements

I tried to update the wiki with the release of version 1.5.0 but some parts of the wiki are still outdated. You may help updating the wiki and adding descriptions for new features or updating them for improved ones.

The wiki repository can be found here.
If you are not familiar with HTML and Git in any way, you may also write new parts as a text file and send it to me directly.

Translate the Software

You know another language besides English? Great! You could help us translate the application to make it more accessible for foreign users.

Join your translation project on Crowdin and start translating.

Donate for the project

Even if this won’t help me find more time for the project you will support our infrastructure and we may use the budget to set up paid bug bounties: pay other developers to fix bugs withing InvoicePlane.

:star: Donate here

Did you know: you can donate via PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin or support us with monthly payments via Flattr or Patreon.

PS: If you are registred at the forum and donated, you should contact me to get your Donator Badge.

Spread the Word :loudspeaker:

Last but not least: spread the word about InvoicePlane. A larger community may also attract new developers that may be willing to develop new features or fix bugs.
Just posting about InvoicePlane on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network helps the project.

You may also mention InvoicePlane in forum or blog posts. Every single mention helps us. Please link our main website InvoicePlane in your mentions.

Our Social Pages
Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Reddit Sub

Thanks to all users and contributors. :v:

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Hi, I am interested to volunteer in administration and programming. What are the opportunities to help ?

You can find a lot of information about programming under the “Programming Help” headline and the linked contribution guide.

Thanks. Forgive me for not seeing the link. Can you please publish that link ?

“Contribution guide” is the link in the second paragraph below the headline:

Our apologise to those who have been attempting to donate to InvoicePlane, the isses with Paypal should now be resolved.


Hey guys, I have started using this software for invoices, and i can see that we dont have our language here, I want to step a help and translate for Macedonian language, but i cannot see our language flag so if you want to have mk language add it there and ill translate it for all who want to use.


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That would be fantastic @Stefan_Talevski.

To get started, create a new branch in git, and copy one of the existing language directories (I will suggest english), and edit the files with your translation.

Then, log in and go to the settings form to change the language.
Alternatively, set the value of " default_language" on the ip_settings table.

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How can I help with test packages? Downloaded one and tried to install but i get an error saying “Page not working”. HTTP ERROR 500