Cannot Connect to Database Server during upgrade to 1.5.2

I am trying to upgrade from 1.4.10 to 1.5.2. I have followed all instructions carefully several times. Everything is backed up, but I would love to get on the latest version.

When I run the setup I set the language, then get the page that checks the install and all looks good. I then get a database connection page. I am using localhost and port 3306. I put in the user, password and database information. I click Try Again and I get this error Failure cannot_connect_database_server.

I know the credentials are correct because I can connect with SequelPro using them with no problems.

Below is the error in the /application/logs file.

ERROR - 2017-05-24 18:38:08 --> Could not find the language line “cannot_connect_database_server”

As I said, I have checked and rechecked everything for the update process and I cannot see anything that I am missing.

My server is using SSL and all of that seems to be redirecting fine.


P Colvin

Before posting anything please make sure that you visited the official wiki and read the FAQ.

I did review the Wiki post in the link and followed those instructions carefully which is the reason why I am posting here. I could not find anything in the Wiki or FAQ that would help with the problem I am having.

Thank you.