Few bugs I noticed


Here are a few bugs I noticed:

  1. When browsing on a mobile phone, you cannot create a new invoices if the client does not already exist.
    Reason: The “client” input form won’t work because of the autocompletion (“please type 2 chars or more”) js plugin I think.
    How to reproduce: Use a mobile phone, create a new invoice, in the “client” name field type “shdkjfhsjfh fjkshkfshdk”, you will see it does not the name of the client and empties the field every time you leave focus on the “client” input field.
    Workaround: you need to create a client before you can create an invoice for that new client. This way you can use the autocompletion.

  2. When creating an invoice, once you have added a new line (article/description/quantity/price/etc…), you cannot change your mind and delete that new line. If you leave all the fields empty and save the invoice, it will pop an error: "The Article field is required."
    How to reproduce: create new invoice, add a few products, click button “+ add new line”, dont fill the new line, click “save” button.