Set 4 decimal places for amounts

hi, how can i change the quantity field into at least 4 decimal places?

Not supported at the moment, sorry.

Is there an update to increase decimal places? or is there a workaround modifying some code?

Thank you.

I had the same problem and found this solution for me, where the system counts with 4 decimals, but in the end it shows only 2 for the customer (optional, not asked here).

  • Database: set the fields for price and product ammounts “decimal(20,4)” intead of “20,2” (i.g. product price) - i think i checked all “decimal” fields if nessecery
    look here:

/application/helpersnumbers/ number_helper.php

  • in defined format_ammount and format_currency to “($decimal_point) ? 4 : 0”

  • defined/copy the “format_ammount_two” - with old definition “2:0” an replaced the definition normal definition for the PDF in

  • application/views/invoice_templates/pdf/template.php

  • and for customer: /application/views/invoice_templates/public/InvoicePlane_Web.php
    with the “new” 2-decimal definition.