InvoicePlane 1.5.2 Repeatedly Forgetting SMTP Password


I recently upgraded from 1.4x to 1.5.2 (pretty big jump, so if this is a bug I don’t know where it may have started).

I have not had this issue in the past, but InvoicePlane is repeatedly forgetting my SMTP password. I just went to send out an invoice, and it failed to connect to SMTP. After going into the System Settings, pasting my SMTP password, and saving the settings, the invoice was sent successfully.

I wouldn’t think much of it if it was a one off thing, but it’s happened 4 times since the upgrade. It may be related to updating other things in the system settings, as I have been tinkering with adding payment methods.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?

Yes, I have experienced the same issue several times.

I entered the SMTP password after the upgrade as the upgrade guide said. However our users have reported this fault several times since. I thought it maybe something on our system or server setup as i search the IP Community Forums and no one else had reported it…but I guess there might be more to it!

I have this issue too. I can update the password field, send a email and then it appears to forget it after sending a email

This bug should be fixed in 1.5.3 – see

@jaketame I’m not sure if I fixed the bug you’re mentioning.
The bug was, every time you change any field in the settings tab, the SMTP password was emptied.
I my test environment, it didn’t forget my password after sending an email

Will look forward to 1.5.3