Thinking about future development of InvoicePlane to make it more universal app!?

Okay, all we know the main purpose of InvoicePlane, but by the way since it’s really customizable and since I determined it by working on one project where it helps me a lot of to get job done quickly I was thinking about giving idea to developers to make it more universal in future… How and why?

How currently InvoicePlane helping me a lot of (project Authorised Apple Service Provider)?

If you get deep into your mind you will conclude that only minor changes are needed to get quickly app which will have:

  • Clients (with tabbed data relation)
  • Taking device where fields can be easily added and spreaded from receipt for device deposit to invoice
  • Printing proof of device deopsit
  • Converting deposit to service work order
  • Client can be notified by email or he can see status of service by QR code or link printed on proof of deposit via already integrated guest URL
  • Servicer can easily make changes to service item by changing it’s status
  • Work order is converting to bill and after payment device is dispatched to client via invoice.
  • All reparations and client history is stored on one page

This is only one alternative use of InvoicePlane , but I think it can be used in a hundred other situations. Developing of InvoicePlane maybe in fair away future can be directed into extending:

  • Extending user roles and permissions, client permissions
  • Extending custom fields (types and placements)
  • Creating pages/views (since for now link in address bar can be only changed by .htaccess or duplicating module)

I just wanted to share this, maybe it helps someone who need something, but didn’t realised this possibilities of already done app.