Guest Access To All Invoices

I am wanting to grant access to other office users that need to lookup current information on quotes and invoices. I would like a blanket “all” invoices to assign to them. Is there an easy way to do this. I can modify the core if needed and backup the proper files in case we upgrade the system in the future.

Basically I have one manager that does all of the invoice entry. I have three other individuals that accept payment and pass that payment onto the manager to enter into the system. They need to be able to look up every client to see outstanding bills.


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Last Update: 18.05.2017


I was wondering if this is currently on the development plan for IP. I have several users in my organization that I really need to grant access to all invoices only for viewing. Adding them one at a time is quite cumbersome. I didn’t know if you had experimented with session handling to remove menu functionality from specific users or anything like that. Thoughts on this?

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Michael Berg

It would make more sense to create a guest/client account for a shared email address and assign all clients to this account.
Another solution is a lot of work to develop and I don’t have any time for such custom requests at the moment.

Thank you for the suggestion. Is there a way to have new clients automatically added to the guest account for access?