InvoicePlane kicks me out after few minutes (1.5.2)


I recently upgraded from 1.4.10 to 1.5.2.
In the end the upgrade process was quite fine.
But since I use 1.5.2, InvoicePlane kicks me out after couple of minutes.
In the past it wasn’t like this.

InvoicePlane running behind some proxies so I add following stuff at config.php

$config['proxy_ips'] = ',';

But still I am kicked out to login screen.

Any suggestions??

Best wishes


I can’t assure that any configuration of this is working. It’s not tested and I don’t know how a proxy may affect the login system. Sorry.


Well I set via hosts the hostname directly to the IP of my invoice system and it doesn’t kick me out.
Maybe I have to add the config[‘proxy_ips’] setting to ipsonfig.php?

Because before you changed the system to use the ipconfig.php it was working perfectly.

I would rather assume this is because the underlying framework was updated to a new, major release. I don’t even know if this setting still persist.
Adding the setting to ipconfig would not solve this as the file is nothing more than a shortcut for settings. If it’s not working in the config file itselft it’s not working at all.
But as I said: support for proxies was not tested in any way.