Expenses module

The introduction of Products in v1.2.0 with the ability to enter a purchase price is the first step to include a fully functional expenses module.

However I didn’t planned to include an expenses module into v1.x of InvoicePlane.
It’s planned for the next major version v2.x which should be released later this year.

:warning: A developer already started to work on an expenses module but never answered his original pull request. So maybe someone could take his work and finalize it.

The work can be found here: [IP-1] Expenses Module by Aeolun · Pull Request #371 · InvoicePlane/InvoicePlane · GitHub


Wow, 2.x is going to be a small ERP :stuck_out_tongue:

Im actually excited for 2.0 (as long as there will be an upgrade procedure from 1.2) even though I don’t know what ERP means lol :smile:

I like the idea of a modular setup. However I hope this simple gem will not turn into a bloated, sluggish piece of do-it-all swiss knife, if you know what I mean… :wink: Not sure ERP is the way to go.

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There are some nice, opensource and easy ERPs to look into, like Odoo. Although I agree there’s not the way to go (at least not pointing such a big customers), I’m sure nobody will complain if modularity brings along with some extra modules, as expenses, project managament (tasks, time tracking) and/or CRM. Something similar to paypanther or pancakeapp (which both they’re not claiming to be ERPs)…

It would be first driven community opensource, simple and easy with that amazing features.

Anyway, that’s just a dream, and a there’s a long way to accomplish, but all big projects start as a dream :wink:

The expenses module will be one of the big new features of v2. But I never planned to make InvoicePlane something like SAP or similar. It won’t be an all in one software.
But we will integrate a plugin system and an API so the app can easily extended or integrated.

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Awesome, can’t wait!

I can’t wait for version two, expenses module will be worth it. So nice. When can we expect this.

I am very exciting to look for the Expenses module as it helps a lot of small company to keep all their daily expenses even thought it is not the ERP.


can’t wait for expenses module release…i think it will be awesome for the apps
thx for your-great-apps, kovah…

I vote for this aswel.
Hope anyone can develop this.


I’ve added this module to IP1.4.10 and it worked. However it needed to access through direct URL link rather than the interface. I don’t know how to get it to appear on the interface.

Furthermore regarding the expense form, I think it would be best to have an option to link with the invoice number as well as if we were able to add our personal expenses to the system not only the expenses related to the clients

Hi folks, I’ve been trying to develop and expenses module. I’m not a PHP master so it’s being very very hard…
Is there any new workaround? What I need is an expenses module with the same functionallity of the payments method more or less. It’s all about being able to post the subtotal and taxes of an expense and generate a table.



I have completed this module, in case anyone is interested. At least I have updated it to run properly on 1.5.9 and allows uploads of pdf’s or images of the expenses. I also added a few features that the original didnt have.

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there is now a git pull request for it.

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for you module, but there is few things I don’t understand:

  • there is no link from interface to expenses
  • expenses are connected to client (shouldn’t be supplier?)

I missed something?

You are right, i did neglect to include the navbar update. It is now included in the git.

The expenses are connected to a client yes, this allows a report to be run on expenses incurred per client. This is how the original creator of the module had this set up and I didn’t change it.

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Ok Chris, thank you for your answer. It sound me strange to have expenses for clients :wink:

agreed, it is very odd… but I didnt need anything tracking sellers info, so i didn’t implement a seller field. I believe this is included in IP2 though, so potentially it this will help

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maybe I’ll do something for italian comunity (to get more likely an easy ERP) and if exploitable by international comunity, I’ll publish it later (actually it’s only an idea :slight_smile:)

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