Tax rules when multiple tax rates are used

In the Netherlands we know two tax rates BTW-21% and BTW-6%.
Tax rules from the dutch governement state that we have to show the totals per taxe rate in the invoice.
I configured these two tax rules in IP, but only the total tax is displayed although I used both tax rates in the invoice.
It would be good to be able to show the tax code per line item and to have the totals per tax category displayed on the invoice.
Are these totals per tax category available and can this problem be solved by editing the template or is a modification of the code needed?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks to @liedekef I found the answer to this question.
It can be done in the template.

Could you link the answer here for others?

Sorry, forgot to link the topic:
In this topc @liedekef linked to the invoice template that has an example how to solve this.

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