Caching issue. Users seeing other users information

We have many users in the app. Seems like for the last couple of days, users are seeing other users information while logging in. Looks like the page is cached. Please let me know if anyone has faced such issues and is there a resolution for it

There is no caching implemented into InvoicePlane. Ass actual data is pulled from the database for each user.

Please let me if something else could be creating this issue. Sometime when we do a force refresh on the browser, users see relevant information.

Could you give us more details about this? Which information is shown to which users? Do guest users see data from administrators?

Please check the screenshot below.

I log in as user “Irshad Shihabudeen” and clicks on the User Name shown at the top right corner. I see information about a different user. Sometimes the user name itself will be shown for a different user.