Client name change for some invoices

I have created 100 invoices for one of my client with client name : ABC . now he requested to change the 50 invoices out of 100 invoices to make with cleint name:XYZ.
How can I change the client name for half of the invoice wihtout recreating all the invoice

There’s no way to change the name of the client for single invoices as the information are not saved per invoice.

Hi Sir,

Can you please do something to change the CLIENT on existing invoices?

I rally need this because, if I delete that invoice I will loose that invoice number.

Thank you!

If it helps, I created custom fields for my invoice:

Ordered by: (invoice)
Requested by: (quote)

I used it per document on my views/pdf. I know I can’t search by that field at the moment but just thought I would mention, in case it helps your situation.