Ip_invoice_sumex doesn't exist

Hi there,
I did an upgrade from 1.4.10 to 1.5.0 via cpanel Softaculous. When successfuly login, the dashboard is showing ip_invoice_sumex’ doesn’t exist. Filename: core/MY_Model.php Line Number:88

Could you please verify that your upgrade was successful? Because the table was added within the 1.5.0 upgrade file.


Thanks for quick response, I just realised that I didn’t run the /setup after the upgrade. Now everything working fine.

Good morning here!!

I am having the same problem, but no ways to find where that “setup” file is, or how to call it from softaculous.

Could you enlight me?

Thanks a lot!


The setup can be accessed via yourdomain.com/index.php/setup or yourdomain.com/setup
If you get an error that the setup is disabled, enable it in your ipconfig.php file.

If you can’t access the setup please contact the Softaculous support as we can’t offer any support for third party installers here.