Project Tracking Enhancement

Alright, so i looked at the demo of the latest version (i think 1.5) and noticed the new “Tasks” tab. I would like to see a a couple of feature enhancements to this tab. I previously talked about, in a past thread, about have a complete status for invoices, this tasks feature adds on to that idea and i like it better.

Status for projects

However, I think there needs to be a status for Projects and not just tasks. For example, if Project “Linday’s BMW Repairs” has 4 tasks, and those 4 tasks are in progress, the project will say “In Progress” and when all 4 tasks are completed, then the project will be labeled “completed”. Also maybe have a “In Progress”, “Complete”, and “Canceled” tabs under projects. When a project is marked as completed, either manually or automatically from tasks being completed, the entire project is labeled completed and then is moved to the “completed” tab under projects.

Date due for project

Also add a “Due Date” or “Due By” header next to the “project name” header or the “Client” header.

Add project from invoice

Last, but not least, add a feature to pull invoices and create projects based on invoices to help automate some of the progress. Right now when you “create new” project it asks for Project Name and Client, maybe add 2 radials, 1 radial that says “New project” and it shows a text box like you have now, and the 2nd radial will say “From existing Invoice” and it when clicked it brings up a menu to select the invoice. and then populates the task from each line item or add an option for it to do that.

I hope i made sense.

Last Update: 30.04.2017

Thanks for your input. I formatted your post a little bit to make it more readable.

Your ideas do make sense and I hope I or another developer may integrate them into the system. Adding a status for projects shouldn’t be that hard for example.