Upgrade to 1.5 Invoice Problem

I upgraded IP from 1.4 to 1.5 with no problems, however when I had 1.4 I added some custom fields in the invoice section and then copied the code and added it to the pdf in applications/views/invoice templates/pdf (invoiceplane.php etc.) to reflect the custom field in pdf when I generate.
Now, with 1.5 I cannot see the custom fields when I generate a pdf. All the field are in the system however, the code from 1.4 when I am adding it again to the php’s it does not recognize it. I also used the new feature from custom fields to add it to properties but it does not generate them when I generate a pdf.

Any suggestions?

I dont think it added a variable in the invoice table, can someone please confirm?

Please read the wiki. I wrote a lot about this so please use it.