Plugin/ Development for InvoicePlane v1.2


I am running Invoice Plane v1.2 and I’m interested in developing/ adding a Payment Method/ Module/ Component that is only available in my country to the application. Is there any sort of guide for module/ plugin development for Invoice Plane that I can follow?

How to integrate it? how can it be installed? Are there files I need to edit?

P.S. waned to post this int the Development Discussion category but was denied the ability

I think you mix something up here. InvoicePlane 2 is not even able to run. Do you mean 1.2?

And no, there is no guide at the moment because it’s complicated and the system does not have any structure to easily implement new modules / plugins.

Sorry about the mix up. Yes latest version.

Is there anything I should know about? Is it a matter of just simulating/ adapting from classes from the libraries/merchant folder? or is there something more complex?

I don’t know what you are trying to implement, but you may take a look at the repository itself to get an overview about how certain things work or were implemented.

Or use the issue tracker that can display all commits for a specific module, for example projects and tasks:

I can’t guide you with this as I don’t have much time.

trying to implement an additional payment gateway that is exclusive to my country. Can you point me into the direction of anything that can assist?

If you want to add an additional payment gateway please take a look at the Omnipay library that will be used for version > 1.5.0:

Maybe there already is a driver for your payment provider?!

If not, please follow the instructions provided by Omnipay directly and add the driver you created to the driver list located here:


Thanks. The provider I am using is not on the list and actually runs off of .Their processing is rather primitive. I will look into it however. Thank you for the insights