Disable Password Reset

Hi…can you advise on the best way to disable the password reset option?

Only I log into the installation and if I do forget the password I can always reset it in PHPMyAdmin.

Many thanks!

How do you reset it in PHPMyAdmin?

I’m presuming I’d be able to go in and modify the user account there…as I would do with Joomla?

Isn’t that possible?

No, because the password is not stored in plain text but hashed with an encryption key.

But I have an idea: we may disable the password reset within the configuration file. So if you really need to reset your password you may switch it on for some minutes.
If you don’t have any access to your files you may have some more critical problems than the password reset… :confused:

Thanks Kovah!

Disabling the password reset within the configuration file would be fine!

How do you disabled the pass reset ? Whats the variable ?