Add one more instance between Quote and Invoice


I have a specific case and I need to have one more type of Invoices - Pre-Inovice.

When I create a quote (and quote is approved) I need to copy it in Pre invoice and later in Invoice.

My question is - how difficult is to copy all settings like in quote to create one more type of documents?
As I can see, a different names/templates of invoices are not working for me as I cannot copy Quote to another type of Quote. And in every case I have I need first to create Quote, then copy quote to pre invoice and pre-invoice to invoice.


Very difficult as you have to change a lot of files which reference quotes or invoices.

We kind of have same request. Right now we’re using different translation, changing quotes/pre-invoice, but should be better to have an extra template or check in the document to show quotes as preinvoice (it’s just the style, for us no need to change sequences or anything else).