Spinning cog: character limit for descriptions?

So I’m getting the big spinning cog error when trying to save a quote (reproducible).

I’ve gone through and saved after each change starting from a fresh quote and with this method narrowed it down to the input in one of the item description fields (there are only 2 items in the quote). Everything else in the quote can be modified & saved without error. The description is slightly longer than I usually write, at 129 characters, so the only thing I can imagine is that it’s running into some kind of character limit. Is this right? Can I increase it somehow?

Log: https://paste.invoiceplane.com/view/822284b4
The browser/javascript console doesn’t seem to have any relevant output, unless I’m looking at that wrong.

Thanks in advance for any support.

Which version do you use? We switched to TEXT for almost all database fields some versions ago. That means almost all field have a possible length of 32k characters

I’m on the latest version: 1.4.10

I can confirm that this is the thing causing the issue, because by cutting down the character count in the description I could get it to save, and then I could make the spinning cog / freeze issue return by extending the description.

Could you PM me an example for a long description that breaks the app?

Yes, but actually, I can’t see any PM function in this forum and the description is not particularly confidential, so:

I have this saved:

30 photos of co-ops from 15-20 location shoots in Sydney and up to 5 regional locations.

and it works fine. Then if I change it to:

30 photos (15-20 location shoots) in Sydney, Newcastle, Windsor, Berry & Bowral, Casino & Broadwater and Orange.

it gives me the big spinning cog error. And just in case it was a weird character issue somehow, I tried:

30 photos from 15 to 20 location shoots in Sydney, Newcastle, Windsor, Berry, Bowral, Casino, Broadwater and Orange

which doesn’t have ( ) or & and it still gives me the spinning cog error.