Does version 1.4.3 work with PHP 7.0?

I know, it’s an older version… :frowning: I can only do one thing at a time. Getting ready to upgrade all my servers to run PHP 7.0 and I hope to avoid any incompatiblity issues, and I have not found an answer in the forums so far…

So, does version 1.4.3 work with PHP 7.0 ?

I’ll come back and get the upgrade to 1.4.10 when I’ve got a bit more time to upgrade.


I’m not sure and not able to test anything but as far as I know it works without problems.

Thanks for your reply. Since I have more time now to do an upgrade to 1.4.10 - that’s what I’ll do and won’t worry if the older version works with PHP7.

So, I’m getting ready to do the upgrade and I see this in the index.php file:

 Please set your preferred URL for IP_URL like this:
 * define('IP_URL', '');
 * If you want to use a sub-domain, add it to the URL like this:
 * define('IP_URL', '');
 * for local environments withour any domains you may use this:
 * define('IP_URL', 'http://localhost/invoices/');

Wondering if this instruction needs to be re-worded or something. Or, I’m just confused.

Where is says “sub-domain” I think this should maybe should say subfolder or subdirectory?

This is my understanding of these terms:

Sub-domain (subdomain) =
Subdirectory (subfolder) =

(I understand that the subdomain files actually reside in a subdirectory of the same name)

So, I hope this doesn’t just sound like semantics. But, it does make a difference in what I will put in the IP_URL

For a subdirectory I would put:
For a subdomain I would put:

That seems like a significant difference.

My installation is in a subdomain at:

So, how should I proceed?

Thanks for your awesome application and support

Yes your thoughts are correct. Use as our domain.

However this was completely changed in 1.5.0.

Thanks for all your help. Looks like I had a successful upgrade to 1.4.10.

Question: Shouldn’t the application have an indicator somewhere on the dashboard, or some place, that shows what version is running? That would be a nice thing to see after upgrading :slight_smile:

The version is displayed in system settings > upgrade tab

So it is!! :slight_smile: And, it confirms I have the latest version.

Seems like you have the right answer for everything - Thanks again.

Now I’ll go click on your donate button :slight_smile:

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