Recurring invoices from existing invoice

Hi there,

I generated my first invoice for a client. It should be a recurring one on a yearly basis. I created the invoice and sent it out, then proceeded to follow the instructions found at, but I am not able to set it as recurring. It seems that it only applies to new invoices in draft state, not when the invoice is set to read only due to it being sent via email already to the customer.

It seems strange that I cannot still create a recurring invoice based off this one just because an email was sent to the customer. Is this by design? Is this a bug?


That’s a bug that will be fixed with the next version which will be released on Sunday.

Great, so reccuring invoices will be possible to be created after email sending.
Btw. check this also. Before sending an invoice via email, set it to Sent. And it will not lock itself in Read only mode if you send it via email after that. If you send it in Draft it will go in read only mode.