Editing Email Sent

I am trying to decorate email sent. I tried inline css in Body of email, Tried editing custom css

In preview, Decorated email with css is seen. But actual email recieved in EMail Account is plain text.

See attached images

To be honest, the email implementation is crap. Sorry for that. But I’m planning to implement email templates like the PDF templates for version 1.6.0.
You may wait until that.

gmail and most email clients remove linked css or style blocks from emails. the only way to do it is inline. check out the discussions over on the mailing list for mailmate to get a sense. basically you need to run the html through python premailer, which doesn’t have a cli with it. here’s the command which reads from stdin and dumps to stdout:

TMPFILE=$(mktemp -t premailer_data) || exit 1
# The `sed` command removes `<o:p></o:p>` which appears to not work well with `premailer`.
# These tags are described here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7808968/what-do-op-elements-do-anyway
cat | perl -pe 's,</?o:[^>]*>,,g' >${TMPFILE}

if ! (cat ${TMPFILE} | python -m premailer --remove-classes --preserve-style-tags --disable-validation --exclude-pseudoclasses) ; then
  cat ${TMPFILE} | tidy --quiet yes --wrap 0 --input-encoding utf8 --output-encoding utf8 --force-output 1 --show-warnings no | python -m premailer --remove-classes --preserve-style-tags --disable-validation --exclude-pseudoclasses

Is there currently a hook? If there is then you can implement this flow right away. Further, I would be interested in using the hook as well so I could write my emails in markdown and then convert to html with it.