Why in invoicePlane isnt an option for tickets?

I want to know how you think about thus idea?

Could you specify what you mean with tickets? Do you mean concert tickets?

No no example: The user have a problem with Invoice and open a ticket for that problem, and then the admin see that and respond and mark that ticket as closed after he fix the problem. Its my idea to interact more with users and as a amator programmer i think it is an easy code

Ah okay. Well it’s an invoicing system. As there are other, more powerful customer support system (like Zendesk or similar) we do not implemented an own one. Just keep it simple.

I sounds like a cool feature I have used other systems that had it but in the long run it was a pain the butt. I use Hesk now in the past I used OSticket I just add the ticket number to the Invoice or attach the ticket as a PDF. I know the bill will always get to the correct person, all the communications is documented in the ticket.

Tom yes its a pain but in this way you are more trusted at the client what do you think ??

I have never had an issues plus most of the people in a business who I send the bill have no clue what I did. They just pay the bill. With support I want the simplest system possible.

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Yes this is a great think, and its true. I really appreciate this question