Downpayment Option

Hello everybody.

I’m freelancer, me and some friends love to use invoiceplane but we have some question…

first, I have check wiki and I cannot find option for downpayment, could you please add this option
second, how to remove .00 behind (decimal/precision ?), there is only option 2 or 3 decimal but no zero decimal
third, I already set all tax setting to none, but invoice still show Item Tax and Invoice Tax.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Could you specify what you mean with down payment?

Zero / disabled decimals are currently not implemented.

Setting no taxes does not disable the whole tax system.

Hi Kovah.

Some client pay in advance 30%-50% (downpayment),
in the second invoice we send to the client, sub total reduced downpayment = total.

It is based on the experience as a freelancer, often working with the client without a down payment, when work is over 50%, the client canceled the job. Freelancers get nothing.

Work will begin when we receive payment downpayment, which means the client is quite serious. Even if the client cancels the middle of a job, we still get payment for idea or appreciation for the work that is already partially started.

Just my opinion.